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Glass Straws

Glass Straws

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Say no to single use plastic straws and add a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing glass straw to your Latte Jar.Ā 

šŸŒˆ Features:

  • Approx 20cm long and 8mm opening.
  • The latte Jar beautifully engraved on one end.
  • Fits into the Latte Lids perfectly.
  • Clear borosilicate glass so you can see how clean your straw is.

šŸŒŸ Why Choose A Glass Straw:

Did you know drinking through a straw can in-fact protect your teeth. The straw limits contact between your beverage and your teeth. This can prevent acid and sugar damage.Ā 

šŸŒæ Sustainability at Its Core:

Australian alone use about 10 million straws a day, its a huge number to wrap your head around. Replacing multiple plastic straws with a reusable glass straw will help bring those numbers down.

šŸŽ Perfect for Gifting:

Purchase single glass straws or a bundle of 4 glass straws and a straw cleaner, the Perfect gifting choice.Ā 


Hand wash in warm soapy water, best cleaned with a straw cleaner which can be purchased here.


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