Care Instructions

Care instructions for Jars - 

Wash your glassware before use

Your glassware is pretty unique and we want you to get the best life out of it.

We highly recommend:

Hand wash in warm soapy water

Do not soak

Do not use abrasive cleaners

Do not microwave


If you choose to pop your glass in the dishwasher (not recommended but I know you will anyways) Top shelf only, 40 degrees Celsius or less and make sure your glass is not touching other objects.

Dishwasher at own risk - The Latte Jar will not take responsibility for damaged caused my your dishwasher. 


Care instructions for lids + rings -  

Separate silicone ring and lid.

Wash in warm soapy water.

Top shelf dishwasher for lids only.

Rings not suitable for dishwasher.


Please note: Discolouration of the silicone may occur if left in contact with highly pigmented food sources (beetroot, carrot, turmeric etc).

To prevent staining, we recommend removing the silicon ring and rinsing your silicone immediately after use, and leaving to air dry.