How are your glasses made?

Latte Jars are UV printed. My designs are drawn/created then printed straight onto the glassware using UV ink and UV light system in my printer. 

Can I use The Latte Jars for hot drinks?

Please do not pour boiling water directly into your glass. The glass gets incredibly hot and you will be unable to pick it up without burning your hands. Please keep this in mind when filling with hot liquid.

Can I put my glasses in the dishwasher?

Your glassware is pretty unique and we want you to get the best life out of it. We highly recommend to hand wash in warm soapy water 

If you choose to pop your glass in the dishwasher, pop it on the top shelf only, 40 degrees Celsius or less and make sure the glass is not touching other objects.

Dishwasher at own risk - The Latte Jar is not responsible for damaged cause by a dishwasher.

Can I use The Latte Jar for cold drinks?

Absolutely. The Latte Jars are designed for icy cold drinks. Please note, it is best to place liquid in the glass before adding ice. This avoids the ice hitting the bottom of the jar too hard and cracking the glass. 

How do I clean my jar?

Warm soapy water is best, they can be dishwashed. See care page on my website for more details.  

Do you wholesale?

Yes. I am currently stocked in some beautiful boutiques. I also offer corporate or custom logo options. Please reach out to Claire@thelattejar.com.au for my wholesale lookbook and details. 

I make my own beer can glasses, can I just wholesale your lids?

Latte Lids are my own design based off my drawings. I invested not only time but money going back and forth with the manufacturer to perfect the lids and for this reason, I will not offer my lids for sale to another business. Latte Lids will stay exclusive to The Latte Jar. Please be aware that any large lid orders will be automatically cancelled. 

Do you take custom orders?

At the moment, I have custom name glasses available but full customs, no. Custom orders take a fair bit of back and forth and designing time, unfortunately I just don't have the time to perfect your jar for you. 

What's your turnaround time?

I aim to have orders shipped within 3-5 business days. Custom or large orders of 10+ jars may take 2 days longer. 

Why does the lid come with an O ring?

The use of the O ring allows the lid to seal properly in the jar. Due to the way my glasses are manufactured, there can be variations with size. The O ring ensures a perfect fit. 


Is the lid BPA free?

Yes. The lid and O ring are BPA free and food grade silicone. 

Do you ship internationally? 

At this stage no. If I have enough enquiries I will look into potentially adding international shipping.

If you are based in NZ, please email Claire@thelattejar.com.au as shipping is something I can arrange for you. 

How long does shipping take?

I use Aust post. On average it takes 7-12 working days. More often I find my parcels are delivered quicker than quoted.

I am based on the Sunshine coast Hinterland, QLD, orders to WA, NT and SA do take a bit longer than stated. 

During the busy season parcels can take longer than expected.I know its exciting waiting for your delivery but please be patient.

All my orders come with tracking so we can watch where your jars are and lodge a missing parcel enquiry if need be. 

If there are any concerns, please contact me at Claire@thelattejar.com.au

My parcel arrived damaged, now what?

Firstly, Im sorry your parcel arrived in such condition. Unfortunately in this circumstance you will need take the parcel with the damaged goods into Australia post. They will give you a claims form to fill out and inspect the damage. They will then contact me and I can rectify the issue.

Are the Tall glasses coming back?

Unfortunately the manufacturer has decided to stop producing the bigger size glass and I have now completely sold out. 

Do you have any other questions you need an answer to?

Please check my instagram highlights for more FAQ answers.

You can ask me via email at Claire@thelattejar.com.au

via social media (instagram and facebook) @thelattejar