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Latte Lids

Latte Lids

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Take your Latte Jar ON THE ROAD without worrying about spilling a drop.

The Latte Jar Lid is made from a high quality BPA free, food grade silicone, these lids will pop right into the top of your Latte Jar.

Created in 8 beautiful colour-ways and featuring a cut out straw hole that fits a Latte Jar straw perfectly.

I have paired them with a food grade silicone O ring that simply pops on and off to allow your lid to SEAL properly and for easy cleaning.

Please note: Due to the way my glasses are produced, the openings vary slightly in size. Our Latte Lids are designed for our branded glassware, please be mindful if purchasing for another brands glassware as they may not be compatible. 

The silicone lids are made from BPA free, food grade silicone. Each lid is accompanied by a BPA free food grade silicone O ring. These O rings are designed to create an extra seal and to ensure your lid will not move during your travels.
The O ring can be removed from the lid for cleaning .
Whilst we take the utmost care in providing true representations of the colour assortments available, these can differ slightly depending on the viewers screen / device settings.
Please note: Discolouration of the silicone may occur if left in contact with highly pigmented food sources (beetroot, carrot, turmeric etc).
To prevent staining, we recommend removing the silicon ring and rinsing your silicone immediately after use, and leaving to air dry.



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